About us

Do you know Bonboncha? We are an international tea family!

Our identity

Bonboncha is a famous Taiwanese tea brand.

Our name

Bonboncha means “good tea”. And we try to pass on the Taiwanese origin here in Hungary!

Our recipes

Bonboncha drink recipes are researched and developed by Taiwanese tea experts.

Our ingredients

Our products are imported directly from Taiwan to Hungary.

The best Boba teas in Hungary!


We now have several Bonboncha bubble tea shops in Taiwan, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and now in Hungary! Our first store outside Taiwan is in Paris – right across from the Opera. Our goal is to make Taiwanese tea specialties known all over the world!

We specialise in

Fresh Milk tea with tapioca pearls


We always pay attention to the brewing time and temperature to guarantee the best tea for our customers.


In order to serve our guests delicious and quality pearls, we go through a serious standardised brewing process every day.

Brown sugar

The brown sugar we use is derived from natural sugar cane, which contains many nutrients and is good for your health.

Whipped cream

Our whipped cream is made from 100% milk. We also always work with quality brands.

The type of drinks


Milk tea

Fruit tea

Fresh milk tea

100% tea

Brown sugar milk tea


Written by our customers